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Mobile Crew Management is Here


March 2014: Some business environments are easy to control. Take a factory: The manager can simply look out over the floor and see where the employees are, what they’re doing, where things are running smoothly and where the hold-ups are. He can then move people and resources around like pieces on a chessboard…

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DSD Softwares Helps Managers Uncover Business Insights


April 20, 2014: DSD hardware keeps sales reps, delivery personnel connected en route. In a recently completed survey of 250 companies with direct-store-delivery (DSD) operations, nearly two-thirds of respondents stated that their businesses are becoming more complicated…

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Capturing ROI: Document Current Costs To Measure Benefits Of Mobile Workforce Management

March 28, 2014: So, you’ve made the decision to invest in a mobile workforce management solution. Now, how do you ensure that you’re maximizing the return on that investment, and achieving your goals? In my previous articles in this series, I talked about the importance of training and incentives to encourage…

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Plumbing and Mechanical Magazine

pm magazine

March 2014: Xora’s mobile workforce management solution, Xora StreetSmart, now includes Mileage Manager, a Device Status Log and new device battery level indicators. New alerts enable managers to proactively identify and resolve issues that arise with mobile devices in the field for maximum productivity…

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Xora StreetSmart featured as Landscape Management’s Product of the Day

March 25, 2014: Xora StreetSmart gives your office staff greater visibility into the field and help mobile workers get more done. This web-based management application enables office staff to instantly see where their employees are and where they have been; dispatch daily worker orders to their employee’s mobile device…

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Eyes On The Prize: Incentive Programs Drive Greater Adoption Of Mobile Apps

March 21, 2014: It’s very frustrating to invest in a new technology and have your employees not use it – whether it’s because they don’t easily embrace change, or they don’t understand how to use the new devices and apps being offered. Many businesses experience these challenges as they deploy mobile…

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Training Day: 9 Tips For Educating Workers About New Apps

March 14, 2014: As companies prepare to launch mobile workforce management solutions, their employees are the key to whether the deployment delivers the desired benefits or misses the overall goal of the implementation. In my first article, I looked at…

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Geo-tracking: a Cheektowaga Story


March 14, 2014: With a 70-person department responsible for the maintenance of 400 roads, the highway managers of Cheektowaga, N.Y., needed a way to ensure departmental efficiency and optimal workload and workforce management. They decided the best solution to be a wireless GPS device that can track employee vehicles’ locations and analyze driver routes, stops and drive time…

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A Road Map For Mobilizing Your Workforce


March 7, 2014: Mobile workforce management solutions can deliver a host of benefits to businesses of all types, thanks to advances in mobile device technology. Mobile apps in these solutions, which run on smartphones and tablets, enable managers and field workers to be more productive when not slowed down by…

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ClickSoftware Completes Acquisition of Xora, Inc.


March 3, 2014: ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd. (NasdaqGS: CKSW), the leading provider of automated mobile workforce management and optimization solutions for the service industry, today announced it has successfully completed its acquisition of Xora Inc., a cloud-based market leader in mobile workforce management. ClickSoftware acquired Xora for

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